The Price of this Dream



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MINT Gallery
Leap Year Fellow Exhibition


Atlanta, GA



The Price of This Dream consists of photography, collage, and mixed media works that speak to my family's quest for a better life. Using family photos, photographs from my trips to Mexico, screenshots, and symbols, this work looks back at my family's complex migration history from Mexico to the United States over the last 40 years. I use the few family photos that exist as windows to a space in time to understand what we've sacrificed to be where we are today.

Looking back, I ask myself – what was the cost of having better opportunities? We lose our memories, culture, and time with our loved ones for this dream. This work archives and salvages what remains of a long and complex relocation journey and reflects on the past to understand our history. Overall, these works are personal and universal, serving as an opportunity for dialogue about immigration in America today.

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