Depth within a Gaze



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Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia


Atlanta, GA



Depth Within A Gaze continues my exploration of themes that have been at the heart of my practice since 2021, notably the migrant experience in the American South. This latest body of work dives deeper into these narratives, embracing themes of labor, land, and the ever-evolving South.

Central to this exploration is the gaze, which offers a gateway into the intricate personal narratives of each subject. Each gaze holds a universe of nuance and complexity, inviting viewers to engage and observe deeply.

Within this work, labor is a pivotal concept, intimately connected to the universal experience of leaving home in search of a better life. Whether it is the 16-year-old street vendor who just immigrated from Mexico, embarking on a journey from South Carolina to Georgia with her brothers, striving to sell enough bouquets to sustain themselves, or the young Guatemalan immigrant, his yellow boots pushing homeward after a long shift at the local poultry factory, these narratives evoke a deeply familiar yet often overlooked reality within working-class communities. Additionally, this exhibition delves into my family’s intimate connection with labor, prompting contemplation on the fruits—both tangible and intangible—of the sacrifices endured.

While my practice has heavily relied on the narrative power of photography, this latest body of work integrates sculpture and painting. Drawing from the symbols and motifs inherent in my photographs, the sculptural pieces foster a sense of immersion and interactivity, while painting is used to reflect on America’s relationship with immigrants, often characterized by both intolerance and dehumanization

Depth Within A Gaze provides an opportunity for introspection and dialogue on the complexities of human existence within the context of migration, labor, and societal transformation. Through its multi-dimensional approach, the exhibition prompts reflection on the shared humanity inherent within each individual’s story.

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